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It has become routine for Microsoft® to exceed analysts’ expectations for earnings, but as they enter a new fiscal year, the company seems almost unstoppable.
Microsoft has transformed themselves into a services company, and they are betting heavily on Azure and related cloud services. 

Revenue from Azure™ almost doubles every quarter. Even the recent highly visible system outage suffered by competitor AWS (Amazon™ Prime Day) seems to have been quickly forgotten by many, as an increasing number of individuals and organizations embrace the cloud.

It’s worth noting that cloud services extend far beyond hosting.  Office 365™ is a commonly used cloud service, but the cloud can not only replace everything traditionally managed by on-site datacenters, but it also lessens the burden on organizations to maintain security, back-ups and product updates. 

Expect Microsoft to continue to enhance their cloud offerings, and aggressively negotiate to move more of their customers to the cloud.  


Analysis of Microsoft’s® 4th Quarter FY 2018 Earnings Report from a Licensing Perspective
By: Daryl Ullman

Microsoft beat revenue and profit expectations once again during their fourth fiscal quarter, driven by an 89% increase in Azure revenue.  This propelled the stock to an all-time high of $108.

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Microsoft® Teams for Free!

Microsoft® is no longer the dominant player in the computing space for many, but as they have done in the past, they continue to find ways to remain relevant and competitive.

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Azure™ vs. AWS

With all the press and speculation about who is the biggest cloud service provider, why does it really matter? Most would agree that the market leaders are AWS and Microsoft® Azure™, but what is really at stake besides bragging rights?

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Changes to the Office 365™ User Experience

Microsoft® recently announced changes that will soon be available in Office 365™ apps, and eventually to those who upgrade their perpetual licenses.

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Windows™ 10 Forced Updates

I have occasionally applauded Microsoft® during recent years for their apparent softening of some of their traditional customer bullying. I was surprised when Computerworld reported that the Windows™ 10 1803 update is being pushed onto some PCs..

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Project Natick – Microsoft’s® underwater, self-sufficient datacenter

Microsoft® is testing an energy self-sufficient modular datacenter which is cooled by ocean water.

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Azure™ Sphere

I have written quite a few blogs about major changes at Microsoft® since Satya Nadella became the CEO in 2014. Under his predecessors, the company had a well-deserved reputation for being a ruthless competitor against anything that wasn’t Windows™ based, but the competitive landscape has changed...

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