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It comes as no surprise that Microsoft® exceeded earnings expectations yet again, as the company appears to be executing their business plan flawlessly….. almost. 

The latest automatic update to Windows 10 (1809) had to be recalled after customers reported missing files after the update.  Microsoft claims that there are no problems with Windows Server 2019, but it shares certain code with Windows 10, so both products are on hold pending further testing.  We all know that software has bugs, and Microsoft and Windows Insiders are constantly testing, finding and fixing them, but the problem with lost files was supposedly reported three months ago by Windows Insiders.  This raises the question about how seriously Microsoft is researching feedback from their test program. Maybe Microsoft would have been more diligent if these were cloud-based products since Microsoft is committed to moving their customers to the cloud, but regardless of the reason, they shouldn’t have to recall such significant updates. 

If your organization is renewing or purchasing licenses with Microsoft, we continue to see instances with greater concessions for those moving to the cloud than those remaining on-prem.  This may be a disadvantage to on-prem customers, but it can result in significant savings to others.


Analysis of Microsoft’s® 1st Quarter FY 2019 Earnings Report from a Licensing Perspective
By: Daryl Ullman

Microsoft beat revenue and profit expectations yet again during their first fiscal quarter, driven by a 76% increase in Azure revenue.

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Extending Support for Windows Server™ 2008

On October 16, Microsoft announced a new option for those wishing to retain their 32-bit Windows Server 2008 applications and further delay the eventual update, but do so, they’ll have to appease Microsoft by migrating the applications to Azure™ Virtual Machines

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Perpetual License Price Increases

It’s no secret that Microsoft® wants to move their customer base from perpetual licenses to subscriptions. We often see them offer attractive pricing and terms to motivate customers to embrace cloud-based products such as Office 365™ while refusing to offer similar incentives to those wishing to purchase perpetual licenses.

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Microsoft® Windows Server™ 2019

Microsoft® has announced that Windows Server™ 2019 will be available this month (October 2018). Perhaps the most notable feature of the latest version is the improved support for hybrid environments which utilize both on-prem datacenters and public cloud services.

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Windows Server™ 2008 End of Support

Few products are as mission critical to most organizations IT as Windows Server™. Many, if not most, are currently running the 2016 edition, but there are still a significant number using Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2.

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